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Basic Bible Interpretation by Roy Zuck
Zuck’s book is a good introductory or beginning text for anyone starting to study hermeneutics. Clearly written in a very accessible style—with plenty of illustrations—Zuck covers all the basics and provides several helpful lists and charts. ~GBI Books

Cracking Old Testament Codes by D. Brent Sandy and Ronald Giese
A team of scholars provides insight into the literary genres of the Old Testament and how to use them to improve your understanding of biblical texts. All students of biblical interpretation need to have a firm understanding of this dimension of the Bible in order to correctly understand God’s unchanging message. ~GBI Books
Evangelical Hermeneutics by Robert Thomas
Hermeneutical theory has been extensively expanded, refined, and rethought over the last three decades—leading to both confusion and conflict over how contemporary evangelicals should read, interpret, and apply Scripture. Dr. Thomas evaluates how some newer methods may open the door to unorthodox—and potentially spurious—interpretations of Scripture’s core teachings. ~GBI Books

Exegetical Fallacies by D. A. Carson
Starting with a primer on exegesis, this work is designed for ministers and Sunday school teachers. Its aim is to show how the Bible has been interpreted in various historical epochs, the role of language as related to God’s revelation, and how the grammatical-historical method of interpretation should be applied. ~GBI Books

From Exegesis to Exposition by Robert B. Chisholm
Designed for the student, or pastor, who has completed basic Hebrew Grammar, this is the ideal textbook that takes the reader from proper exegesis of the text to the public exposition of the message to today’s church. Chisholm presents a solid exegetical methodology with numerous illustrations. ~GBI Books

MacArthur Study Bible notes and analysis by John MacArthur
The MacArthur Study Bible is designed not to fit lifestyles, but to transform lives—in the New King James accuracy with John MacArthur clarity. This landmark, comprehensive study Bible, from popular Bible teacher John MacArthur, provides extensive study helps to aid readers in understanding and teaching Scripture. It includes thousands of notes, a 200-page topical index, six different time lines, numerous charts, over 20 Bible maps, and a 12-page outline of Systematic Theology. ~GBI Books
Preaching: How to Preach Biblically by John MacArthur & The Master’s Seminary Faculty
“For those of you who want to preach the Word accurately and powerfully because you understand the liability of doing anything less… who are eager to let God speak His Word through you as directly, confrontively, and as powerfully as He gave it… who want to see people transformed radically and living godly lives, there is only expository preaching.”—John MacArthur, Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church

Strong’s Concordance of the Bible by James Strong
The power and classic features of Nelson's New Strong's Concordance, in a concise and compact edition, helps you access the references you need quickly and easily.  ~GBI Books

Toward an Exegetical Theology by Walter Kaiser, Jr.
The author notes that there are no exegetical theology books available in the English language, and does his part to rectify this problem. This work is a clarion call to become absorbed in the text of Scripture, and he makes no apologies that the reader may be forced to review the definitions of basic parts of speech or the basic rules of grammar and syntax. ~GBI Books
Unleashing God’s Word in Your Life by John MacArthur
New Christians, or those who have simply given up sometimes think or say “The Bible is too difficult to understand!” This book makes Bible study easy, explaining the truth of how God still speaks to man, and detailing how the Bible can be understood and applied to your life. ~GBI Books