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Pastor Mark Axlegard

Mark is a graduate of The Expositors Seminary (MDiv) and moved to Cape Cod with his family in January 2019 to become the Pastor of Cape Cod Bible Church. Prior to moving to the Cape, Mark served as the Pastor of Youth Ministry and Music Ministry at Grace Bible Church Naples, in Naples, FL. Mark and his wife, Kelsey, were married in March of 2012 and have 4 beautiful children. Piper, Penelope, Ryle, and Cora.

Dr. Jim Stewart, Elder

  Dr. Jim Stewart is the former pastor and a current Elder of Cape Cod Bible Church.  Jim earned his Master of Divinity from the Master’s Seminary and his Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

  Jim served as the pastor on the Cape Cod Bible Church from its founding in 1989 until 2005. He returned in 2011 and has been the Pastor at CCBC through the present.  For those few years in between he was on the staff of The Bible Church of Owasso, Owasso, OK, where his primary responsibilities were teaching in various contexts and counseling.   Jim has served as an adjunct professor at The Expositors Seminary in Jupiter FL, teaching courses in Biblical Counseling.  He is a member of ACBC and The Association of Biblical Counselors and has been involved with biblical counseling for nearly 30 years.  Jim was been married to Jan in 1970.  They have two married sons and five grandchildren.

Dan Podvin, Deacon

    Originally from upstate New York, near the Rochester area, I moved to Ludlow, MA (near Springfield, MA) when I was 10 years old. I graduated from Ludlow High School in 1979 and then graduated from Springfield Technical Community College. After college, I joined the U.S. Air Force and I was stationed at San Vito Air Station, Italy for 4 years. After my enlistment was up, I moved to Plymouth, MA in 1988 where I met my beautiful wife of 30 years. 


   After growing up in a home with a Christian mother and a non-Christian father, I went to church on and off most of my life growing up. For years, I thought I was a Christian, but I was not living as a true follower of Jesus Christ. After spending many years listening to John McArthur on the radio during my morning commute to work, I was convicted and came to the realization that for many years I believe in God, but I didn’t “believe” God. It was shortly after my wife and I adopted our daughter, Jadah that God softened my heart and adopted me into His family. Shortly thereafter, I was baptized and my true sanctification began as the Spirit has been leading me every day since.


   My family and I moved to Cape Cod in 2010 from Plymouth, MA.  We came to Cape Cod Bible Church after listening to one of Pastor Jim Stewart’s messages online. We were searching for a Bible believing church that was committed to preaching and teaching God’s word. For years, we were inspired by John MacArthur and R.C. Sproul’s teaching and after hearing that Pastor Jim Stewart was a Master’s Seminary graduate, we knew we’d found our church home. Through God’s incredible and amazing grace, we were rescued out of the Charismatic church that we were members of prior to joining Cape Cod Bible Church. 


   Some of my favorite things to do include spending time with my family, watching movies as a family, and going to the beaches on Cape Cod and in Florida. I also attempt to play golf, I enjoy classic cars and going to car races.

Dave Barr, Deacon

   I was born in Hyannis, Ma. in the summer of 1952.  I had always been interested in religious movies and characters.  The first verse I ever memorized was John 3:16 when I was in the 4th grade. Knowing this verse, I believed all people were saved as Jesus was said to have died for sins of the whole world. Later, I had been told by a relative, that I professed to know Jesus in the 5th grade Sunday School class, but this knowledge had no affect at all on my life, I lived the life I wanted to live. Then in November of 1983 I realized that I was not right with God like I thought I was and, through reading my old bible, I understood that I needed to repent of my self-righteousness, rebellion and general dislike for God and called upon Christ for forgiveness. 

    Sherry and I had become friends with Jim and Jan Stewart from a previous church that we had attended. Jim had expressed his interest in going to school to become a pastor and in 1986 they left for seminary. And as time passed things started going downhill at the church we were attending and after meeting with the pastor, we decided that the best thing to do was to resign our membership. At that point we floated, visiting different churches in the area and not finding one that met the spiritual needs that Sherry and I had.

Thankfully, in early 1989, an add showed up in the Cape Cod Times asking that if anyone was interested in a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church in the mid-cape area, to write a letter spelling that out and send it to James Stewart in California.  After a few weeks Jim called and informed me that a number of people in the area around our house had written to him and that he would like to have a meeting and asked if it could be held in our house.

   At that February 1989 meeting Jim spelled out for us his philosophy of ministry which came right out of Ephesians chapter 4 and said that he did not believe that God had called him to plant a church but asked how committed to Jesus Christ were we, committed enough to start our own church. The answer was an immediate, resounding YES!

In June of 1989 Jim was called as Pastor of this new local church that was named Cape Cod Bible Fellowship.

John Stewart, Deacon

When I  was 22 years old, I was living in Florida and had a good job but not much else going for me. My brother Jim and is wife had gotten saved in the fall of 1978 and Jim would call the shop that our father owned on Fridays and witness to us about the Lord. I had told him I was thinking of leaving Florida. I was living a life style that would eventfully do me in, but I wasn’t sure where I would go. I just knew I couldn’t stay there. My sister had invited me to stay with her in Casper, Wyoming and Jim said I could stay with him and his family. He was living in East Longmeadow, MA at the time, which is where we had lived before moving to Florida in 1972. As much as I hated the thought of living with a “Jesus freak,” the thought of staying in Florida was even worse.

            So in March 11, 1979 I packed my car and headed north. Not surprisingly, it was just as I expected. All they talked about was Jesus and the Bible. However, some of what they said seemed to make sense, so I listened. One Wednesday night we went to a “SEARCH” meeting where a bunch of people sat around and asked a lot of questions. On the ride home I prayed that the Lord would forgive me and save me, and He did. (3/16/79). There was an immediate change in my life. I remember how the next day I was suppose to meet Jim for lunch, but he gave me the wrong directions, so I ducked into a phone booth to call him and, low and behold, there was a wallet full of money someone had left behind by accident. My first thought was, “this time yesterday I would have been $500.00 richer.” But after I called and got the right directions from Jim, I called the owner of the wallet. He came by the house to pick it  up that afternoon and was praising the Lord that it was returned. My life has many ups and downs since then, but God has always been faithful. Jim left the phone company and went to Seminary in the mid-Eighties. I was a single parent with two little boys at that time. Jim and I were talking one night and he asked me if he got called to Pastor a church would I consider going with him. I said sure.  I remarried in 1988 and Joanne and I moved to the Cape in July of 89” after Jim was called to Pastor Cape Cod Bible Church. Over the years we have served in a variety of ways in the church. Joanne taught Sunday school, we both were involved in several singing groups. I have also lead the singing , run the recording/sound equipment,  kept the books, and ultimately was asked to be a Deacon. I enjoy helping out wherever the Lord wants to use me.

Paul Sharpless, Deacon

I came from a little town of Sandy Ridge, Pennsylvania 

We came to know the Lord as our personal savior in March 1954-1955. Sally and I got married on June 8, 1958. We came to Cape Cod on our honeymoon and decided to stay here. We attended Evangelical Baptist Church and served there for about 38 years.  After Ronald Wolfe left to become the Pastor of a church in Michigan, Sally and I were praying for a church that preached the Word of God.

    A man named Jim Hobbs came to my house about the same time I was praying and told me, “I have a good Church for you and Sally.”  We came to Cape Cod Bible Church in November,1998 and became members that same year. 

We had some good teaching and preaching from Pastor Jim Stewart, Pastor Louis Faustino and now Pastor Mark Axelgard 

Sally worked at Mid Cape Center South Dennis for about 15 years and Paul has been a landscaper for about 50 years.

I like to golf and fish when time allows.

My next move now is waiting for the Lord to return or the Lord will take me home. I will be leaving this Church via the upper taker or the under taker. 

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